Myanmar Dialogue Series Semester 1 Videos

12X6_Person Walking Myanmar Street

The Myanmar Research Centre is pleased to share the recordings from our Semester 1 Dialogue Series. Guest speakers shared their research on the following topics:

  • Climate justice in the context of conflict in Southeastern Myanmar
  • Buddhist responses to the 2021 (failed) military coup
  • Muslim communities in Myanmar’s Spring Revolution
  • Revolutionary countryside: Life on the land after Myanmar’s military coup
  • Shifting inter-ethnic solidarities in Myanmar since the 2021 coup
  • Digital solidarity-building among Myanmar’s revolutionaries

You can click here to access all six video recordings from Semester 1 as well as past events.

In coming months, we will post a new series of Myanmar Dialogue Shorts, as we have done in the past. These 15-minute videos contain the highlights of talks delivered in the Myanmar Dialogue Series, a platform enabling public debate about the pressing political and social conditions in Myanmar since the 2021 military coup. Where Dialogue Series speakers give their permission, we will create a Dialogue Short which condenses the core points of their presentation.

The Shorts are perfect for undergraduate classes and other educational settings where students need concise information on current pressing political and social issues in Myanmar. Policymakers and people working in settings with a lot of time constraints might also find that they usefully summarize issues about which they need to be abreast in order do plan and make decisions on Myanmar — and that they draw attention to the many promising new scholars of Myanmar emerging both from within the country and abroad.

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The dialogues are also listed on our 'Recordings' page.